What you need to send art Checklist

  1. What typestyle would you prefer? Try to stay with the typestyle in picture? What is the typestyle on the boat?
  2. The Art Resolution preferred on photos:
    1. 300 dpi at 3.5 in wide
    2. 150 dpi at 7 in wide
    3. 72 dpi at 14 in wide
  3. Line Art Resolution preferred:
    1. 600 dpi at 9 in wide
    2. 300 dpi 9 in wide might work
  4. Name, personalization
    1. Upper, lower case
    2. Port
    3. State abbreviation or ?
  5. Full Instructions:
    1. Boat moving
    2. How fast
    3. At anchor
    4. Boat facing left or ?
    5. What added
    6. What removed
    7. People, facing
    8. Flags, art for
  6. Contacting you - your email is best!
Corrections based on your instructions given at the time of the order are of course free of charge.

All other additions and/or changes can be done at the time of the proof and will be billed at an hourly rate. In many cases changes at this point require the entire work to be redone.