Over Two Decades of Service and Innovation

Chances are our name sounds familiar, you've probably seen our ads in many boating publications, seen our catalog or met us at a boat show. It’s likely you've walked on our mats, drank from our glasses and even slept in our bedding!

Were boaters and we know boating!! That’s great to know, when you're looking at any of our products, it has been selected by boaters for boaters. We sell solutions not problems! We've tested and use everything we sell, that way you don’s have to! You can buy with confidence. The products we sell represent the best on the market for their category and price level. If they weren't we wouldn't sell them. In many of our products we offer the broadest color selection in the industry, so if we don’s offer the color it probably doesn't exist. Our customers are pleasantly surprised when they call and hear a real human’s voice and impressed by our knowledgeable staff. Below are some highlights:

Carpet & Mats - We sell 40oz Carpet, others sell only 20oz, our carpet is edged with real Sunbrella™, made to last and we do custom sizes too.

Boat Bedding - We offer a broad selection, great sleep solutions and premium thread count sheets plus we do custom too.

Cups, Napkins & Can Cover - It’s the art, our design selection is the largest and the best you'll find, the easiest to order and we do custom too!

Exclusive Products: Teak Trashcans, Boat Filing System, Dinghy Bow and Seat Cushion Bags, Rope Edged Pillows, Sunbrella™ Bean Bags Chairs, Non-Slip Feet for polycarbonate drinkware and much more!